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19 July 2008 @ 08:22 pm
I have nothing to really say.

See I'm sick, with this ugh of a cold, thus I have nothing to really do but stay on my laptop for the day. Although I did nap for half the day too.

From the sound of things, most people seem to be off travelling for the summer...I'm doing nothing nearly as interesting. Summer school is blah, and full of class discussions about what we want to be when we grow up, or the many different types of governments. All in all, easy as one, two, three, but boring to the max. Before last Friday's mid-terms I was at 99% in both classes. So yeah, I'm good, so far.

I did however spot two wonderfully gorgeous cuties in my classes. Brunettes, who happen to go to school together during the actual year. I think something must be in the water there because um hi...pretty boys aren't everywhere...usually. From what I have gathered via secret agent semi-stalking-ish skill, they go to some all-boy school, have a thing for sports, and um yes, are single. I have slowly worked up the nerve to talk to them, and am now friends with the pretty boys.

Um...and aside from that there really is nothing new with my life.

So umm yeah...everyone's enjoying their summer right?
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Daisy: Destiny and Freedom : Shinn and Kirashieyume on July 20th, 2008 04:35 am (UTC)
Ooh, get better as soon as you can. ^_^
dark-star-tears (Mari Elle): calling me softlydark_star_tears on July 21st, 2008 01:42 am (UTC)
I shall...hopefully.
Kiki: Alita; whut?kikoruchan on July 20th, 2008 05:24 am (UTC)
Get better soon! And you're so lucky, pretty boys~♥
dark-star-tears (Mari Elle): Take me Awaydark_star_tears on July 21st, 2008 01:46 am (UTC)
Will do.
And um yeah...pretty boy = yummm.
(Deleted comment)
dark-star-tears (Mari Elle): Huh...dark_star_tears on July 21st, 2008 02:21 am (UTC)
Is it just me, or do illness always come at the worst possible times. Like eww.

Concert...how was it?

Of course you want pretty boys...everyone wants pretty boys. I'm having a hard enough time as it is trying to keep this group of annonying girls from totally stealing all their attention.

Summer school is tres boring...and more-or-less pointless.

I totally and completely will...hopefully. ;)
smakn: itasakusasusmakn on July 20th, 2008 09:38 pm (UTC)
Ahh...I cramped my leg while swimming...
and therefore had a very cute lifeguard save me.

Hope you get better soon.

(and pretty boys? you're friends with PRETTY BOYS? LUCKY.)
dark-star-tears (Mari Elle): everything in timedark_star_tears on July 21st, 2008 01:56 am (UTC)


(I totally am friends with pretty boys ;] )
carbonic_kitten on July 22nd, 2008 09:45 pm (UTC)
I hope you get better soon. I have summer school too. -sigh-
Rikuriku132 on July 25th, 2008 02:53 pm (UTC)
I'm sick too and it totally sucks... And summer vaction is boring...

I'm agent Riku, Agent Mari. We are on the same team!
May I friendage you?