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dark-star-tears (Mari Elle)
02 May 2008 @ 10:55 pm
And because all good things including my laptop must come to an end...I'm now suffering under the lack of a properly working laptop. Brought it to some computer experts today and yes one of them was actually kindaprettydecently cute and according to them I kindasortamaybe (in other words...I actually did) killed my AC adaptor and laptop battery. The solution: I must wait until they order a new one (thank goodness for extended warranties)...which won't be coming in for a maximum of 6 weeks. Until then, I'm going to have to borrow computers from other people my sister.*sigh* It really sucks.

Someone help me...please.
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dark-star-tears (Mari Elle)
My poem is going to be PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Just thought I'd share the awesome news)

So I sent this poem not in English, but in French, to this writing contest at my school level. It won. They sent it to the school board level. It won. They sent it to the provincial level...IT WON!!!! So as my prize, it shall be published in this anthology (with other winning entries: different grade levels, writing types, etc etc). I get a free copy of that and I get to go the award ceremony thing. =D Seriously, this is something you don't expect to happen to you...or at least not to me.

Anywhoo, after finding this information out during first period, and spreading it to my friends, I have happily spent the day on this natural high , being hugged by basically everyone, and being told congrats like a bazillion times. I still can't stop smiling.

On another note...I have finally taken the time to change my icons. I like the words on a bunch of these, and they seem a little more everyday friendly. XD

Life can be sooo good.
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dark-star-tears (Mari Elle)
07 April 2008 @ 08:53 pm

Today was such a gorgeous day! The sun was shining, there was a light breeze, and everything about the weather just seemed perfect. It felt like spring. I actually felt like going outside today during lunch...which is quite the change after the excessive amount of snowfall during the winter. XD

Anywhoo, I finally got around to spring cleaning over the weekend. My amazing finds: 2 bags/purses, 2 wallets, $7.00, a bunch more money in change (only the pennies, nickels, and dimes), lip gloss, my headphones, 3 CDs, a necklace, a slew of notebooks, and a bunch of other stuff. =D I never realized just how much stuff I have in that one room...

As for today's events...well the day was pretty good. I talked to my math teacher about the last test which I unforunately came pretty close to failing in one section...*sigh* and well, after looking at the question on the test and listening to complaints from a bunch of other kids in my class, he is considering dropping that one question from the test. =)

Only down point to today was the guest speaker that came in for religion class...she SUCKED on soooooooooo many levels. She spent like the first bit of the class picking out kids who were on drugs and stuff half her opinions weren't even right, and it was all based on appearance she just had to come on the one civies day. So it was all, typical sterotyping. Not to mention, she brings up this whole point about how the modern day teen is part of the "bored generation". Apparently, we are all disrepectful and shit. It just pissed me off soo much. She label everyone and well...that isn't right. the whole thing was such a put-down to everyone watching the presentation. She was suppose to talk to us about drug abuse, but it ended up becoming some...UGH! It just doesn't seem right!!

Aside from her though, the rest of the day was good. 


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dark-star-tears (Mari Elle)
30 March 2008 @ 02:12 pm

Okay...I know this will be my third entry on Earth Hour, so after this one, I'll shut up.

Earth Hour was a ton of fun here. The party went great execpt for the little bit when the tip of my hair accidentally got burnt thanks to one of the candles! Everything was pretty with the lights off and in a way almost surreal in the sense that the city is never that quiet. So yeah, after just staring at the stars and like listening to the quiet for a moment, the party went into full swing. Best game ever...TWISTER...in the dark, it becomes so randomly funny that you end up falling not because it's hard, but because you're laughing too hard. =D

Plans for the next Earth Hour include: another party (although...the guest list might have to shrink a little. That might have been a little too many people XD.), star gaze, light as many candles as I can find (I didn't have that many this year).

Hmmm...this whole thing did give me a couple of more things to add to me List of Things I've Learnt So Far...

  1. The world is fragile, but people can do something about it
  2. You can't just sit around hoping for change, sometimes you need to make it happen
  3. People come together for some of the most important reasons
  4. CANDLES can burn...BE CAREFUL when lighting one and leaning over it with you're long hair
  5. EARTH HOUR is awesome. It's soemthing I should do every year.
  6. Stars a beautiful
  7. The city is gorgeous when everyone turns off their lights

Okay...shall shut up about Earth Hour now.

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dark-star-tears (Mari Elle)
29 March 2008 @ 07:32 pm

So I'm posting this basically because from where I am in Canada, I'm less than half an hour away from EARTH HOUR!!! My lights are all being turned off, my laptop is being turned off, along with the TV, and well anything that runs on electricity. =D
It'll be fun. My friends and I have been telling/reminding everyone we know about it...and so that we could all enjoy it together, we hosting an awesome party...in the dark. We're talking about games of TWISTER, board games, cards, pretty much any game that can be played without electricity...and we got a ton of candles. I've just finished setting up the room, and it looks soo cool with all the candles. I can't wait until we light them all. So yeah, I'm majorly psyched for EARTH HOUR! Everyone do you're part and turn off you're light...just for an hour. I know it won't save the world completely or anything, but it's a symbolic event that will hopefully lead to people becoming more responsible for our environment.

Some suggestions for what you can do for Earth Hour:

  • do anything by candle light
  • read
  • hang with friends and family...bond
  • play games (no electronic ones I'm afraid)
  • go outside and star gaze (the stars are suppose to show since all lights are off)
  • have a PARTY
  • so anything without electricity
  • help save the planet!!!!

For more info click on any of the following links:

Even google has done their parts and "turned off the lights".
Anyways, I'm at the 10 minute mark before I have to go...I'll post after my hour is up.

So remember turn off you're lights, enjoy the dark, raise awareness, and help save the planet.



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dark-star-tears (Mari Elle)
28 March 2008 @ 09:14 pm
And because I'm like a major environmental activist I'm writing this just to say...

EARTH HOUR is TOMORROW! (03.29.08 from 8pm-9pm).

Everyone please help support the cause and  if you don't mind promote it a little. Turn off you're lights and help make a difference in the world...


PS: For more info go to
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dark-star-tears (Mari Elle)


Sooo my story goes like this...
I, being the person I am, was bored and decided not work on my homework which is still sitting on my desk. Anyways, I ended up writing this short little thing on based off my whole inccident with BC last Thursday. It turned out okay, considering how I changed it quite a bit. You know the usual type of thing: changing the main character, changing character personalities, changing what people said. In the end, it was an overall decent piece...so I sent it to one of my friends to edit. VERY VERY VERY STUPID thing to do, considering how I didn't change the guy's name when I sent it to her. To make matter even worst, she KNOWS him...as in she's friends with him. Umm yeah...stupid on my part. Since she knows both of us, she put two and two together and figured it out. So yeah... *sighs* shall now go and bang my head repeatedly on my desk because I feel really dumb.

On aside note...does anyone want to read it? Since he may find out about this sooner or later...I offically don't care how many more people read it. Just tell me and I shall post it.


PS: why is there no mood for stupidity?

PPS: and before I forget HAPPY EASTER! (to everyone that celebrates it...if not then HAPPY EXTRA DAY OFF!)

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dark-star-tears (Mari Elle)
20 March 2008 @ 09:30 pm
Owwwie! My legs hurt soooo much right now. I had track practice today and they made us all run 3km in the effin cold! Seriously, I hadn't ran that much since gym last semester...so yeah. I'm starting to get back in shape...sorta. I get really hungry after practice and end up eating...not sure if that (the binging) is healthy.

On the more brighter and random side of things, I met a bunch of new people today. See some of my usual track buddies were away for a ski trip, so I ended up talking with like a bunch of people. =D Made some new friends, met a couple of guys...yup, it's all good. But the best part was meeting this guy after practice. He's technically a year older than me which makes this completely hopeless but he's nice, cute, and I think he took the same bus as me today after practice. Talking with him was fun...although he constantly chooses to call me "baby" (don't ask why...it was the result of a really random beginning of conversation). Anyways, after talking to him I found out that he does something (not sure what team it was again) after school, so apparently, I'll be taking the bus with him more often then I thought (since really I only ever take one bus to get around. XD) He shall be dubbed BusCutie (BC for short).

Overall good day.


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dark-star-tears (Mari Elle)
Good news...I made the track team! Very happy about that. My events are 100m dash and relay (4 x 100). Only two problems with being on the team. One would be the intense practices. We have like 3-4 practices a week, that consist of a 1km run to warm up, a bit of fitness training (weight training), then event practices. The other problem is that one of the coaches doesn't exactly like me. I had her as a teacher before, and it's not that I hates me or anything, she just doesn't think I should be on the team (you can see it in her eyes...and the looks she keeps giving me). Thankfully, she isn't incharge of either of my two events, so HA in her face!

Oh, also, I am offically dying in math once again. I don't understand this stupid thing, and well not understanding has me like suffering. G2 is once again helping me though...although he's cousin seems to be getting suspicious. It's awkward when she's around...


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dark-star-tears (Mari Elle)
14 March 2008 @ 05:11 pm

Decided to do steal the meme from ohwhatsherface...so yeah.

a) List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself
b) Tag five people to do the same
c) Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

ONE: Whenever I get bored I play with a purple pen. Pretty weird simply because in the middle of math class or any other boring subject/presentations you'll find my opening my bag to take out the pen. XD I've rarely even used it for writing. Been a habit (using the same purple pen) since sometime in grade 6...then I stopped for a bit, but found the pen in again...and yeah.

TWO: I used to do taro card readings, but then I started getting nightmares, and things started coincidentally coming true. Now the cards are hidden somewhere in my basement, and I'll rarely take them out...typically only during certain party occasions, or if I'm really really bored. Yeah, I used to be so superticious I'd take the Death card out of the deck whenever I did a reading.

THREE: Everytime I've been turned down, heart broken, etc. it's happened in a different province, country, or city. The most recent (and the worst) happened when I was on a class trip to Quebec City. I'm guessing that I become more vulnerable when I'm not home...that or bad things just happen when I go on trips.

FOUR: My favourite number is four. I have no idea why...but I've always had a thing for even numbers...odd numbers just bug me. My old fav number used to be 2.

FIVE: I'm really picky when it comes to my hair. For example, when I'm busy or studying, I always always twist my hair up and clip it up with this jumbo black clip. Or on rare occassions when I can't find the clip, I'll just leave it up in a pony tail, but when I do I get really annoyed with it, so I stop working and just to find my clip.

SIX: The only canned drinks I drink are Iced Tea (either Brisk, Nestea, and sometimes Lipton), Fruitopia, and Minute Maid Lemonade (and sometimes the orange juice). Yeah, sodas make my taste buds all funny...I've never really been able to stand that type of stuff. Back in elementary school (from like JK to about gr. 5) I used to love coke, sprite, etc etc., but for reason reason I just stopped.

SEVEN: I'm a complete hopeless romantic and tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve. Love romantic comedies, and most romance novels. When I was younger and watched Titanic for the first time, I became totally emotional and cried when everyone started to die. (On aside note: horror movies scare me like hell, especially this one Filipino that had me hiding behind a pillow for like most of the movie.)

The following people are officially tagged (if they want to do it of course): _byakko, boldly_colourful,  jazzsed, katakokk, sony98.

Have fun.


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