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Because reality is never as good as our fantasies

dark-star-tears (Mari Elle)
Hmmm...what to say, what to say?

.the girl in third period math

Yeah, that's me...Mari Elle...the girl with the strange fairy-sounding name. I'm not nearly as amazing as my name, but I try. I'm an avid reader, and a wannabe writer considering how my work isn't all that great. I'm a hopeless romantic, and apparently an open-book. I'd like to think I was someone fantabulous, but I'm not really. Sometimes I wish I really was a fairy because well then I'd just have so much more to say...you know rather than a teenage girl trying to figure out what she's doing in life.
.the snapshot

Um yeah...my journal is filled with moments of my life, my personal rantings, and all the random stuff in between. It's like 90% open to the general public, simply because I'm entirely open to the idea of new friends. Friends are what make the world go round, so you can never have too many.
.the shooting star

When it comes down to it, my interests are subject to change frequently, and I can be extremely indecisive at times. One moment I'll be in love with a book, the next I'm realizing just how much better it could have been. As of currently my loves are: anime (the list is long), sketching and painting (because art is lovely), music (enough said), writing (mhm), reading (books are love), shopping (with other people's money -winks- ), my laptop (it's all mineee), coffee (especially Starbucks coffee),summer (the golden sun), eye make-up (because shadows are prettyful), nature (because the world really is beautiful), art (yeah!), colours (gorgeous-ness)...and a ton of other things I can't remember right now.

So that's basically me. I'm pretty much just another teenage girl set out to fill LJ with the moments that fill life. I shop, I read, I attempt to write and draw, and I try to find some "deeper meaning" in most words. I'm obviously unhealthy when it comes to my sleeping habits, and I probably drink a little too much coffee/hot chocolate than I should...but face it, that's me. I've been known to procrastinate since homework is definitely not fun. I tend to have peaks of high moments, which usually lead to me crashing back down to reality, and I think I end up crushing on people a little to fast at times. I have my usual fandoms, but I don't mind looking into others...new things make me smile. So if you don't mind meeting just another girl then hey...welcome to MARI-ALITY. <3

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